Movement Patterning with Helen Walkley

 This training integrates and coordinates the body in motion and refines the connection between the mind and the body. 

The approach is accessible, the process is transformative. 

 The tools include:

• hands-on guidance

• facilitated exploration of the principles of moving in your body

•the practice of specific forms which elicit a grounded and dynamic alignment

 The somatic processes of the Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals and the Developmental Movement Patterns are the basis of this work.

 As an awareness of habitual patterns surface, new options arise. 

Fluidity and ease penetrate your movement and presence.

For information and registration:   To learn more about Helen and her work, go to:


The Friday Series

This process is for folks who want to dive deep into their embodied selves on a weekly basis with a consistent group of people 

5 Fridays, April 21 – May 26, no class May 19, Victoria Day weekend,  2:30 to 5:30 pm

$375.00+ gst for first time students, $285.+gst for returning students to this series

To hold your space, please register with a $175 non-refundable deposit by April 7.


The Sunday Series

This series covers basically the same material as the Fridays but on a one time a month basis for five consecutive months with a changing student body.  Each Sunday has a specific focus.

Yielding – TBA

Yield is the first of the five fundamental actions of the Developmental Movement Patterns, yield, push, reach, grasp and pull

 Yield underlies and supports all other movement actions. It is the sensation of the weight of the body and how it releases into gravity with awareness.

$75 +gst

@ EDAM, 303 East 8th Avenue

A Lower Body Exploration – TBA

 This workshop will focus on the relationship between your foot and your pelvis and tail to head and how initiation and sequencing of movement facilitates grounding and core support.

$75 +gst

@ EDAM, 303 East 8th Avenue

An Upper Body Exploration – TBA

This workshop focuses on the articulation and integration of your arms and shoulder girdle. How are they connected to your core to create support and expression?

$75 +gst

@ EDAM, 303 East 8th Avenue

Integrating Upper Body to Lower BodyTBA

 From fingertip to toe and head to tail we will explore how the upper and lower body integrates and mobilizes through space in relationship to yourself and others.

$75. + gst

@ EDAM, 303 E 8th Ave


The Developmental Movement PatternsTBA

 The experiential study of developmental movement allows us to access and utilize these fundamental, holistic patterns.  This gives us a path to understand and embody the underlying base of all movement forms, techniques and styles.

$75. + gst

@ EDAM, 303 E 8th Ave


 The Monday Series: Movement Patterning

This process is for people who have completed the Fridays or Sundays and wish to go further in a semiprivate class of 4 – 6 people.

June 5, 12, 19, 26,  3 – 5 pm

$200 + gst. To hold your space, please register with a $50. non-refundable deposit by May 23


An Introduction to Laban Movement Studies

Laban Movement Studies, developed by Rudolf Laban, is a somatic approach to understanding and experiencing the body/mind in motion.

Our process will include theoretic and experiential introduction to:
-integration and connectivity in the Body
-qualitative changes in movement arising from inner intention, Effort  
-patterns in which the body occupy Space
-the body’s changing Shape in space

This work may be applied to a multitude of disciplines including the Performing Arts, Therapeutic/bodywork practices, Martial arts, Athletics, Yoga, Pilates, Dance Education, Cultural Studies, Fitness, Business Management and Anthropology

Saturdays June 10, 17, 24, 1:30 to 5:30 pm, Sunday June 18, 2 to 6 pm

$375. + gst . To hold your space please register with a $150 non-refundable deposit by May 20

@ Yoga on 7th, 156 East 7th Avenue

*This series satisfies the prerequisites for entrance into the Laban certification program.


Helen's One-on-One sessions are personally designed to address your needs. This may include refining the integration of the body within a myriad of movement and/or somatic practices, the rehabilitation of an injury or the mentoring of a creative process.

$90/ session or 5 for $400 +gst

Kindly note the following policies:

– Payment can be made by cash or cheque

– All deposits are non-refundable

– Refunds, beyond the deposit, are provided for medical reasons only, accompanied by a note from your doctor.

– I have a 48-hour cancellation policy for one-on-one sessions as this time is expressly reserved for you. Providing 48-hour notice will avoid your being charged for that session.



 “Helen teaches with the rare combination of compassion, curiosity and directness. Her understanding of the body and how it works in both functional movement and dance is awe-inspiring. And she is a hoot! “  Traci Foster, Fitzmaurice Voicework teacher

“Leaving the studio after a private with Helen I had a sense of three dimensionality I had never experienced in my body before. The boundaries of my limbs expanded and my centre moved in perfect harmony with all parts.  And this is after only one session!”      Ashley Johnson, Mitzvah Technique Teacher, Dance Educator    

“I find this work invaluable….. it brings balance to the segmented stability that is such a strong focus in Pilates by teaching fluidity, efficiency and integration.”            Darcy McMurray, Owner of Full Circle Pilates and Health

“Helen’s teaching skills are exquisite…she has an integral logic of a purely natural and organic means.”             Yvonne Chartrand, Artistic Director Compaigni V’ni Dansi